Our Darwin floor sanding business has established itself to service a broad clientele. Established in 1954, business now has an extended range of products and services to offer.

Initially, our business focused exclusively on sanding timber floors and coating. Over time, we extended our service line to incorporate concrete floor grinding solutions. We offer a range of solutions for polished concrete floors, polished timber floors, seamless epoxy floors and more. You can count on us to rejuvenate just about any floor, whether its concrete or timber.

Our Darwin floor grinding and sanding experts take every job as a unique and exciting challenge. We always find the best possible solution to please the eye. You can count on us to transform your floor surfaces from dull to beautiful (as well as practical). Our Darwin floor sanders and grinders provide everyone with the highest quality work and exceptional customer service. We only use the best products within the market to achieve outstanding results.

If you have a concrete or timber floor, you can count on us to enhance its aesthetic appeal and durability.

Overview of Timber & Concrete Floors
Whether they are coated, decorated, coloured or polished, timber and concrete floors will always be attractive. They will retain a beautiful, natural style suited to any application — whether it's residential, commercial or industrial.

The appeal of timber and concrete floors is that they are natural products with timeless charm. Of course, there are a few disadvantages to utilising them, but the overall advantages will far outweigh them. The following are some of the major advantages to choosing timber and concrete floors.

  1. Hygiene
    Both polished timber floors and refined, sealed concrete floors are easy to clean and very dust resistant. This is a distinct advantage over carpeted floor coverings, which have a tendency to collect and build up dust. Dusty carpets can also worsen respiratory problems.
  2. Long Lasting
    By implementing a simple maintenance regime, your concrete or timber floor will gracefully last as long as your premises.
  3. Aesthetics & Character
    Whatever your decor preference, a concrete or timber floor can easily compliment a host of aesthetic features.
  4. Value adding
    If you are looking to enhance the value of your property, a timber or concrete floor option is certainly the way to go.
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